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Search Engine Authority is administered by an impartial group of internet marketing and SEO professionals who have been in the industry for over a decade. We evaluate hundreds of companies and we pick only the Top Ten in each category to be on our list. We re-evaluate these businesses every three months and are constantly adding new businesses to our evaluation queue. If you would like to request an evaluation, please contact us and provide your business contact information.

The world of search engine marketing is constantly expanding and getting more confusing to the average consumer. The question of who to trust is always up front when shopping for products and services. If you're looking for a web designer, an SEO Company, or someone to manage your PPC campaign, you are constantly bombarded with claims of success on one hand and warnings about doing business in these arenas on the other. Who do you believe and how do you get things done without information you can rely on. How can you possibly make the right decision?

These questions are the reason why Search Engine Authority was established. You should not have to question whether or not a company is legitimate and will do the job they claim they can do for you. During our SEO Review, we collect case studies, customer reviews and other supporting documentations which we then apply to our patented evaluation process. This information takes the guesswork out of what a company is capable of. If they don't follow through on their claims, customer reviews will tell us that. We thoroughly examine the history of every company we evaluate.

There are other companies out there that do something similar to what we do, but none of them offer the exclusivity that our randomly ordered Top Ten Search Engine Marketing Lists can provide. We don't rank from one to ten because most of the companies that do are selling those top ranks for a profit. The members of our SEO review team are all impartial and we are not getting paid to provide the rankings. The companies on our list are there because they earned their spot.

If you've been in or around the internet marketing industry for a while, you have no doubt heard of Best SEO Practice. There is a right way to do things and a wrong way. As a consumer or business owner looking to hire a service, you need to find someone who uses Best SEO Practice because their actions will reflect on you as an individual or company. Black hat SEO and deceptive marketing can ruin your reputation. Those companies that operate that way will never make the Search Engine Authority Top Ten List. Only companies that operate with integrity and back up their claims can achieve that distinction. That's what you get when you do business with someone on our list.

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